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At AGH, we take good care of you! A GreatER Harvest food pantry PLUS intakes
waiting patiently with smiles. We certainly
appreciate very much your patience.

Abundance is our specialty! Our packages are well received with smiles.

Another well received intake. Enjoy T! Our AGH “A SPRING HARVEST”
event was successful in achieving it’s mission.

Our AGH Intake Specialists hard at work
with a pleasant demeanor helping to make
the process easier.
Thanks to all of our A GreatER Harvest
intakes for waiting so patiently. We can
certainly agree that the packages are well
worth the wait.

A “Special” Thanks to all of our
AGH volunteers who make it
happen each event.
AGH distributes more than enough
to meet your needs so that you can
feed your family with no worries.

Our friends & family looking forward
to their packages. They look happy
don’t they?
A “BIG THANKS” to our supporters
for their generous & continuous

We enjoy serving communities knowing
that hunger will not be an issue when you
visit A GreatER Harvest.
Our Intakes enjoy the atmosphere & spirit
that AGH emanates.

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” to make you
want to tell everyone about AGH food
pantry PLUS.
Our Exec. Director & Packing Supervisor busy
setting up for yet another great distribution
event. GO AGH GO!